Enable your awesome robot ideas with Magni.

Magni jumpstarts your robotics application, providing a highly capable robot platform at an affordable cost. Built with a sturdy aluminum chassis, Magni has a substantial payload capability, able to carry upwards of 100 kilos. Magni provides a powerful mobile base at a price that simply can't be beat.



Key to every robotics application, Magni packs strong motors and a rock-solid chassis so that you can focus on your app and not the drivetrain.


Magni is capable of advanced navigation that allows it to go between two locations in a building, avoiding obstacles, and improving its internal map.


Magni has plenty of power for your external hardware, with 12V and 5V supplies which can both output 10A each. Magni can be equipped with up to 35 Amp hours of 24 volt batteries.


Magni comes with a Raspberry Pi 3 running Ubuntu and ROS, enabling powerful compute while keeping the price tag low. The computing unit can be easily upgraded if your application demands more performance.

Magni Specifications