Loki makes getting up and running with robots easy.

Loki empowers you to learn robotics software, providing a very low cost robot platform that is running ROS, in a way that is compatible with Magni. Start out testing your code on a lower cost Loki before graduating to a fully capable Magni Platform.



With a low cost extensible platform, Loki provides the prefect launchpad whether you want to accelerate building your robotics app, or just learn robotics.


Loki is completely software compatible its Mangi counterpart. Allowing you to start on Loki platforms and upgrade to Mangi later, or have your team work on Loki's for testing before running the code on Magni.


Loki comes with a Raspberry Pi 3 running Ubuntu and ROS, enabling powerful compute while keeping the price tag low. The computing unit can be easily upgraded if your application demands more performance.

Loki Specifications